Pages — an easier way to onboard clients.

Pages are customisable static verification pages that applicants or entities can access from a link that never changes, and one that you choose.

Instead of manually creating applicants or entities using the Creating an applicant or Creating an entity endpoints, Pages automatically creates the applicant or entity, displays your chosen verification flow for the client to go through, and the results are magically made available in your dashboard.

During setup, you can:

  • Customise the page title, and favicon displayed in the browser;

  • Choose your domain, and the URL path of your link;

  • Select which flow to verify clients on;

  • Adjust the colours, and logo, to suit your brand;

  • Include your privacy policy link, or use ours; and

  • Add custom code, like Google Analytics, to the HTML header of the page.

Once an applicant or entity has been verified using Pages, webhooks are sent and results can be retrieved as normal. Clients that have been automatically created with Pages are distinguished in your dashboard with the Pages symbol.

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