Generating a verification link

Once you've created an entity, you can generate a hosted link for verification.

This endpoint allows you to generate a hosted verification link, where applicants can upload their documents and verify themselves on your chosen flow.

By default, verification links are hosted on our domain and are easily embeddable into your website or mobile application.

Once an entity has finished uploading their documents, the verification will process automatically. You can go to Retrieving entity verification results to retrieve the results, or create a webhook by going to Setting up a webhook.

Example Verification Screen

Whitelabelling is available upon request. This allows you to customise the verification screens' logo, and colours to align with your brand. Additionally, you can add custom questions that an entity needs to answer. Reach out to your account manager to discuss your options.

We support all device types and modern browsers for verification.

POST /api-entity-verificationlink-create

Generate a verification link, to send to an entity.










Unique applicantId generated on entity creation (required)


curl --location '' \
--form 'applicant="4242424242424x424242424242424242"'


  "status": "success",
  "response": {
    "verificationLink": "",
    "customLink": ""

The verificationLink key contains the standard domain that entities can access to provide information and go through the flow.

The customLink key contains the custom domain that you have linked to the platform. To return a custom link with this endpoint, you need to specify the domain you wish to use when editing or creating a flow.

Custom links default to if you have not specified which domain you'd like to use when creating or editing a flow.

Verification links aren't sent to an applicant's email or phone number by default.

For more customisation and control over what your users see, upload documents directly via API instead. Head to the next page to read more.

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