Linking your domain

Linking your domain to the platform is easy, and only takes a few minutes.

To get started, head into the Dev Space tab within your dashboard, and select Domains. You'll need to activate the Custom Domains addon if you haven't already.

Once you have entered your domain or subdomain, you will need to enter the displayed records within your domain's DNS settings. This tells the internet to point your domain to our content delivery network. Sometimes, you may be required to verify you own the domain name by adding additional records.

Let's say we wanted to link, your DNS record should look something like the below.

When adding your DNS records, make sure to use the IP address we've provided via the platform.

If you use CloudFlare or similar for DNS or domain management, make sure to turn off traffic proxying.

Once you've entered the required records in your domain's DNS settings, select Check Records. Depending on your provider, propagation may take a few hours. Similarly, it may take a few hours for our system to generate an SSL certificate - though this usually only takes a few minutes.

That's it. Once linked, you can use your newly-linked domain to...

  • Access the dashboard;

  • Provide branded verification links to clients; and

  • Create static verification Pages with your domain.

If you generate verification links via API, you can replace with your linked domain.

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