Setting up a webhook

Instead of retrieving verification results, you can use a webhook that sends results automatically.

Rather than manually retrieving results using the Retrieving applicant verification results endpoint, you can set up a webhook that sends the verification status and extracted data to your API once a verification has finished processing.

Providing us your endpoint URL is easy. Simply head to and click on Webhooks.

Enter your API endpoint that's listening, and hit Save.

Be sure to generate a webhook authentication token, and only accept authenticated calls from us. We'll send a POST request to your endpoint, with your generated token in the header.

Webhook Response

  "applicantId": "14000394983x200039203940",
  "actionStatus": "Reviewed",
  "reviewAnswer": "Rejected",
  "rejectLabels": [
  "extFirstName": "JOHN",
  "extLastName": "DOE",
  "extDob": "1996-07-01",
  "extStreetNumber": "123",
  "extStreetName": "EXAMPLE LANE",
  "extCity": "PERTH",
  "extPostCode": "6000",
  "extCountry": "AUSTRALIA",
  "docCountryISO": "AUS",
  "docExpiry": "2035-12-01"

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