Verifying entity information

Verify entity, or company, data against registries and commercial data sources.

With database verification, you only need to use this endpoint. Entities are created and submitted for processing automatically.

Make sure you pass the correct country when calling this endpoint. This tells us the relevant registry and sources to check within the country.

Verify identity data

POST /api-entity-database-verification

Create the entity, match and verify the entity data, and request verification.


Use ISO 3166-1 A3 format forcountry. See here for country codes.


curl --location '' \
--form 'flowName="KYB Basic"' \
--form 'companyName="Personr Pty Ltd"' \
--form 'registrationNumber="123456789"' \
--form 'country="AUS"'


    "status": "success",
    "response": {
        "applicantId": "4242424242424242x42424242424242",
        "flow": "KYB Basic",
        "status": "Pending"

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