Retrieving applicant verification results

When an applicant has finished processing, you can retrieve the verification results.

Verifications typically take ~2 minutes on average to process. When an applicant has finished processing, use this endpoint to retrieve extracted data from their documents along with the verification result.

Retrieving the result

POST /api-applicant-status

Retrieve the verification status, and extracted data from an applicant's documents.










Unique applicantId generated on applicant creation (required)


curl --location '' \
--form 'applicantId="4242424242424x424242424242424242"'


    "status": "success",
    "response": {
        "applicantStatus": "Reviewed",
        "applicantActionStatus": "Reviewed",
        "result": {
            "Modified Date": 1709088258859,
            "Created Date": 1699237071350,
            "reviewAnswer": "Approved",
            "applicant": "1699236591586x0000000000000000000",
            "company": "1668816503943x0000000000000000000",
            "rejectLabels": [],
            "verification": "1699236590532x0000000000000000000",
        "extractedFirstName": "JOHN DEREK",
        "extractedLastName": "SAMPLE",
        "extractedBirthDate": "1995-10-23",
        "documentCountry": "AUS",
        "extractedStreetNum": "123",
        "extractedStreet": "SAMPLE LANE",
        "extractedCity": "PERTH",
        "extractedState": "WESTERN AUSTRALIA",
        "extractedPostCode": "6000",
        "ipAddress": "",
        "ipTimezone": "Australia/Perth",
        "ipCountry": "Australia",
        "ipCity": "Perth",
        "documents": [
        "docNumber": [
        "docCountry": [

If your applicant is taking longer to process, it may be because of their image quality. We also check identity data against 100+ sources, which may take time if the data doesn't match.

Applicant Status Types

Created The applicant has been created.

Pre-Checked The applicant's document images are being processed.

Pending The applicant's identity data is being processed.

Reviewed The verification is complete, and results are ready.

Applicant Action Status Types

Pending The verification is being processed.

Reviewed The verification is complete, and results are ready.

Applicant Status and ActionStatus update at the same time. It's recommended to use Status as it contains more information.

Review Answer Types

Approved The applicant has successfully been verified.

Rejected The applicant wasn't able to be verified. Look at rejectLabels to see why.

There are two types of rejections: Rejected (Retry) and Rejected (Final)

Rejected (Retry) allows an applicant to attempt their verification again, if they've uploaded a blurry photo for example.

Rejected (Final) is final, and does not allow another attempt. This is used when an applicant has attempted to forge their documents, or if they appear on a sanction or watchlist.

See the next page for a list of rejection labels, and what they mean.

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